1st International Conference
Chemical processes in Solar-type star forming regions 

13-17 September 2021
UniTO, Dept. of Chemistry
Turin, Italy

Social Dinner - Date

16th September 2021

h 20.00


Social Dinner - Location

Circolo Canottieri Armida (Rowing Club Armida)
Viale Virgilio, 45 - Torino

The Rowing Club Armida is located in an historical building of 1913 in the Valentino Park, in the center of the city. The club hosts an exclusive restaurant where you can enjoy lunch, dinner and, upon request, organize your private events in the heart of Turin, with the impressive landscape and a wonderful terrace overlooking the Po river. The principal part of this seat was one of the locations of the World Expo in 1911 and today it is one of the historical buildings of the city, with a wonderful view overlooking the Po river. Originally called " Mek-Mek ", the rower, it was born from the fusion with the Flik-Flok in 1869 . The first President was Ernesto Samadet and the new company distinguished itself from the beginning for the cheerful and carefree spirit of the members, of whom "for many decades the famous dinners were remembered at the trattoria Disbarco, on the right bank of the Po and their cheerful eccentricities ... ". 
On February 25, 1874 , a historic date for the Company, at the suggestion of President Duroni, the shareholders decided to change the company name to that of "Armida" , which will no longer be abandoned. 
 The complex of the social facilities of the Canottieri Armida has always had its headquarters in the Parco del Valentino and for 141 years it has been a meeting point to enjoy one of the most evocative places in Turin in peace. The building, home to the "French Colonies Pavilion" during the World Exposition of 1911 , is today: a building bound by the Superintendency for Environmental and Historical Heritage. At the beautiful salon, full of trophies and memories, which hosts the convivial evenings and theme dinners organized for members during the winter, is set against an elegant garden and a spectacular and famous terrace overlooking the river Po, overlooking the whole hill, to fully enjoy the scent of summer. Recall that during the 2006 Winter Olympics , the venue hosted the VISA Olympians Reunion Center. Members are always available to make known the charm and legendary history of the Armida. The structure of the Company also includes changing rooms with personal lockers, gyms equipped for exercise and weight training for winter training and various tests. A rowing pool allows the start of the rowing and the training also covered four athletes at the same time.




SOCIAL DINNER FEE   -  Currency Euro

Social Dinner  Contribution

Euro 20,00 VAT 22% included


Social Dinner Fee includes: 

  •        Social Dinner for 1 participant

Social Dinner Fee  NOT includes: 

  •        Registration at the congress

Full payment must be done within July 15th 2021